deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
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On her blog Holly Burns of Nothing But Bonfires asks in honour of her siblings' 18th birthday was asking people to post in comments what they'd wish they'd known when they were 18.

These are my things I'd wish I'd known at 18:

1)That the pursuit of Good Shoes is not a frivolous thing but in fact a Holy and Sacred Quest.

2)That freely indulging in trash reading and viewing would seriously edify me and considerably lift my quality of life.

3)That angsty poetry should never be unleashed on the unsuspecting world. Never. Ever ever. In fact any poetry with the word ‘tears’ in it is probably better off burnt.

4)That if you ever wind up us a super poor student, then: a) it is perfectly possible to live without sugar, salt, vineagar or indeed any condiment except mayonnaise b) most bread past its use by date is palatable when toasted c) a lot of shops chuck out unsold sandwiches at the end of their working day.

5) Your liver is a not a never-ending reservoir of goodwill and perkiness, but a resource as precious and finite as fossil fuels.

6)That never taking myself too seriously was the best relationship and career decision I ever made.

What are yours?
Tags: introspection
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