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because pelvic girdle pain is not enough

General News

Generally speaking, Tuesday is my favourite day of the week. I don't usually have to work today, and until I go to my course in the evening my time is usually my own. On Tuesdays I tend to at least attempt to counteract my natural lethargic tendencies to lounge about in my pyjamas until it's time to leave by getting up and doing exercise and cleaning house all the better to feed my illusion of productivity with. (Unless of course I am in the glorious company of humanfemale, for there never was a finer slumming companion)

Today started out predictably enough with all the best productivity intentions, but as soon as I discovered that along with my child I am also gestating cystitis I gave it up for a lost cause and declared it a waste of resources to do anything beyond lounging in my bed, sucking on white maltesers and watch episodes of American Dad.

Cat News

Ah, cats. I love cats but I can't understand them. First Cat is all about the love (when he's not about bullying of the Small Cat) and routinely exchanges with him break my heart. It melts me that he follows me from room to room and curls up to sleep somewhere nearby, it irritates me beyond all reason that he refuses to classify Small Cat as not-prey and continues to stalk and pounce on her (without teeth and claws mind you, but being double her size and weight she is not amused by these overtures) and it kills me that he gives me this wounded look when I chase him away from her and makes a noise, a forlorn mew of utter, dejected heartbreak.

Husband News

Generally I like to show my appreciation of Z by leaving him dinner on those days when I'm away in the evening but not working during the day. And to ring him randomly at least three times a week in order to tell him that I love him and think he is the hottest human being on the planet. But I don't just confine myself to praise and helpfulness. No, I also branch out into pointing out that he has dwarf legs (deliciously muscular legs to be sure, attached to some phenomenally hard and pert buttocks, but fairly stumpy nonetheless. I would be more inclined towards delicacy of phrase were he not chronicling my pregnancy weight gain (6 kilos so far) through song, most recently Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady



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