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It's the end of the world...

Despite the title I am actually still bizzarrely bouncy and happy. There is no particular reason for happiness other than that I am alive and in possession of all my limbs and the majority of my mental faculties and that I am in the process of acquiring a nice new body.

I am happy. I rarely remember to write this down, perhaps because I think it makes inferior prose to sadness. I haven't felt genuinely happy in a long time and I always thought I needed things to be happy, not possessions so much as tangible love affairs, achievements, plans and progress none of which I have now. But...what the hell.

In line with this new positive trend of thought perhaps, I dreamt of the end of the world again a couple of nights ago but the dream was so surreal (even for me) that I felt compelled to write it down.

In my dream the end of the world did not come in hurtling meteorites, or terrifying war, or disease or in rains of locusts, Republicans, ice, or fire.

Instead the end of the world came on a bus. And the end of the world contained a party.

The End of the World Bus looked like a school bus from the outside, except it had *The End of the World!* stencilled in jaunty script and it was huge on the inside. On the bus there were many people I did not know as well as Neil Gaiman and a stripper. Everyone was eating prawn sandwiches on malted brown bread (they were very good) except the stripper who was working as it were.

I think the fact of Apocalypse was working to loosen up my inhibitions because I ended up having a lovely chat with Gaiman in my dream and we were discussing many interesting things and no one seemed to be particularly afraid. Outside the sky was a slate gray and the grayness stretched into infinity.

I think in my dream I understood that there would be no terror, only a gradual fading away. And prawn sandwiches.


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Dec. 7th, 2003 12:59 am (UTC)
I just bought American Gods to read ... so I'll be all neil gaimen dreamy soon enough.
(and he's strangely cute) *ahem*
I often dream of the end of the world, for me the apocalypse seems to take the form of a very chaotic sky ... like the sky is falling, or there is a black hole sucking in the sun, or commets and meteors all over the place, seemingly drug induced swirling colors, and so forth.
As for what I'm usually doing, I tend to be sitting quietly with a couple people who are good company, surrounded by objects from my childhood, and feeling a sense of impending (but not current) urgency. And the knowledge that What Happens Next will be of great import.

your bus at the end of the world reminds me of Adams's (is that the right posessive of Adams?) Resturant at the end of the Universe. it's a nice concept.

I'm glad you weren't overly disturbed by the de-creation of the world.
sometimes these dreams have a special beauty all of their own.
I wish I knew how to interpret dreams, though.


thanks for listening to me blather on in your journal.

Dec. 7th, 2003 01:17 am (UTC)
American Gods is a work of genius as far as I am concerned :)

Yes, usually my dreams of end of days involve scary/chaotic skies too... although this is the first time i've tried just sitting quietly and talking with poeple (and eating sandwiches). Usually I am screaming and hanging off buildings and running all around the place trying to avoid fire and other catastrophes.

Personally I like the sitting around bit better.

you are welcome :) this journal is a blather-friendly space. ;)
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