December 6th, 2013


Clodember - clo recommendations and reviews

Dear friends and fellow clothes-lovers, Clovember may have ended but my search for flattering and affordable things will never stop.

Clothing-wise I have found some amazing things recently, things that deserve to have their praises sung publicly. (I have not been approached to do this, all things reviewed below I have shelled out my cold hard cash for).


I left my soft, warm deathbed yesterday (a heady combination of asthma and chest infection has been killing me all week) and got gussied up in honour of Z's 40th birthday.

I am wearing two recent discoveries - this cardigan of wonder and surprisingly warm, surprisingly slimming M&S crochet tights.

I am allergic to a substantial number of woolen things, but this cropped eyelash cardy is so so so soft and warm it is like wearing breath of kittens. To say nothing of the fact that it has bird-print and pockets - two irresistible features as far as I am concerned.

And finally a shoutout to these over the knee boots from Next


The back half of the boot is made of textile, so it has no problem accommodating my chunkier calves. The front half appears to present an impenetrable shield to the wind and keeps my arthritic knees incredibly snug.

Thank you Pirate Boots, for embracing my legs just as they are and keeping the winter away!