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the fetal rule of terror

So far pregnancy has proved to be the most effective diet I've been on, ever. Hours of daily queasiness means that I am subsisting on a diet of fruit and the occasional cheese and pickle sandwich and my trousers are fitting with more ease than ever before.

The baby seems determined to turn my innards against me and all the beloved foods of the past are now Trecherous Ennemies. (For instance, duck. I loved duck! Duck and I had a blissful relationship. And now but a single glimpse of duck causes my stomach to lurch towards my mouth. Ditto, in fact, any kind of poultry. Ditto lamb. Ditto eggs. Ditto white cheeses. Ditto mushrooms. Ditto beetroot. Ditto kiwi. Ditto citrus fruit. Ditto avocado. Ditto brocolli. Ditto bacon. Bacon!) Seriously, what's going on? What kind of fool fetus doesn't like avocado and bacon? It's practically the sandwich filler of the Gods! *shakes fist and weeps*

However, in these dark and trialful and uncertain times I find myself tentatively forming new alliances. Like, chips. Chips, my ancient heartburn-inducing, bloat-making ennemy! The hatchet is buried between us and now we have entered a new phase I like to think of as Ecstasy. Ah, chips have never tasted so good! Each is like a little sensory explosion in my mouth. So succulent and deliciously salty! They are glorious even cold. I never realised this before. Even battered fish is sounding somehow rather tempting. (mmmmm, crunchy deep fried batter!). What's happening to me? I feel like I have been kidnapped and re-programmed by aliens.

In a few weeks I shall be sunning it up in Spain and all I can say is if my the Tyrant Within sabotages my intentions to stuff my body with Giant Grilled Squid then he shall come into this world with a list of grievances against him.

Almost-home-time! Counting the moments now.

In unrelated news, has anyone watched The Namesake? Is it any good?



May. 22nd, 2007 11:45 am (UTC)
I'm not rocking the ginger yet, but I've cautiously started with the ginger biscuits and hopefully I'll just go from there. :)


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