December 29th, 2008


and when you ask how far love goes, then I'll be the one who knows

Now and Then

Z is babysitting by sleeping next to the baby in its little caged enclosure. The baby is amusing itself by pulling at his chest hairs. It is hard to picture a more idyllic family scene.

It seems so weird to think that a year ago I was hugely pregnant, taking up most of the sofa and playing something like an 11 hour card game with Z and a friend, having no idea that shortly after midnight I would bolt awake with the clusterfuck of abdominal pains heralding the arrival of Matei. If I had known I would certainly have gone to bed earlier.

It's the eve of his first birthday and my son is walking.

Also, perfume may or may not be a baby sedative. Today Z sprayed him with some of my scent and the baby slept for a record of 3 daytime hours. Further experiementation is warranted.

Matei and the cats - an unrequited love story

Matei is naturally flirtatious, has always been. When he wants to impress a human (usually a waitress) he makes cooey noises, and batting eyelashes and then offers them his index finger to kiss and shares with them whatever treasures he has in his possession (like his dummy, or whatever plastic crap he has found and is chewing on).

Matei has consistently been trying all his Love Methods on the cats but they remain unimpressed and long-suffering.

M: (Patting the cat by smacking it on the head repeatedly)
Cat: (glaring and moving away)

M: (cooing for all that he is worth, with batty eyelashes)
Cat: (looking away with contempt)

M: (extending his index finger towards cat for the cat to kiss)
Cat: (flicking its whiskers in contempt)

M: (bringing the cat various treasures - my shoes, a pile of DVD cases- and piling them onto cat)
Cat: (jumping away while hissing)

M: (offering the cat some of his banana and prodding it in the face with it)
Cat: (recoiling)

M: (having cornered a sleeping cat, he lays his face against its body and sighs in rapture)
Cat: (putting up with this through gritted teeth)

I guess their love is not to be until he learns how to dispense cat treats.

My favourite thing about the baby has to be the way when he gets very frustrated and upset he grabs his dummy for some frantic sucking, in the exact same way that my mother in the same emotional context inhales a cigarette.