November 3rd, 2008

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Blogroll Roundup - Bs

The Best Of The Bs

The list of B blogs was harder to weed through because there were many there whose writing style was catchy and appealing to me. It was hard deciding which would make the final cut as my favourites -seeing how the point of this exercise would have been defeated by me linking to them all- and I applied stringent rules. Such as instantly dropping anyone who spent their time journalling about crafts or Christianity. (I prefer my blog-reading with a side of smut and anecdotes, thank you). Although if knitting and Jesus are your thing then by all means know that there in the Bs lurk many who concur.

Belgianwaffle Irish; light and humorous; currently blogging about every place she has lived.

Beth Quist Blog - this has kind of drawn me in. She is reading through the journals her late mother kept and trying to discover morea bout her.

Beyond The Loop - Lovely haunting pictures and words to go with them.

Blogjem I am a fan of visual blogs, and she posts pictures of sights from her daily life in New York. She also has a child recovering from cancer.

Special mention to two blogs whose writing style just appealed to me for some reason and made me care:

Blog Pressure - she is trying to have a baby - instant sympathies- and she has mocked the term babydancing = instant win.

Bilingual Baby - I'm not sure about her idea of writing a letter each day in November, but I quite liked her regular blog and may have to go back once this madness is all over.

NaBloPoMo- shhhhh! no running in the hallways.

Today was my first day back working for THE MAN after 11 months of maternity leave. I'm doing my old job, only in a new place (one closer to home, natch) so in some way it felt like starting over. Meeting everyone, introducing myself.

I am based in a school for the time being (I am not part of the school's staff, they just house me) and the transition is...strange. The school setting inhibits me, and also seems to confuse the people around me who -by force of habit I suppose- approach me as though I was a child (instead of a representative of a partner agency). Honestly it feels a bit like they are one step away for telling me off for running up the staircases and sending me to the principal for not wearing my uniform.

My Employing Borough loves me enough to give me a brand new lovely building (with openable windows no less, this time!) to be based in but not enough to give me chairs, computers or a phoneline to go with it. Instead we are sharing one computer (and two chairs) between three people so today when these were occupied I sat on the floor and went over files reminding myself to bring a cushion from home tomorrow and not to wear short skirts for the forseeable future.

On the home front, the baby is poorly and I am being the Designated Night-Time Soother. I remember how I hated that the first three months (mostly because it didn't work) but now I don't tend to view it as A Fearsome And Terrible Burdenne. He is still sleeping through the night he just needs some help now that he has a blocked nose.

In the daytime I don't always know what to do with him, but each night feels like its own world. 9 times out of 10, I am calm like Buddha when I step into his room. Usually it's enough to simply stroke his back or hold his hand for a minute. But if he's struggling I pick him up, kiss his head, sway my body and the small body I'm holding. Shhhh, shhhh, shhhhhhh. There is distant car noise from the street outside, and in the room my voice rises and falls like the sea. He lays his cheek against my collarbone, his body heavy with drowsiness.

I have waited the better part of a year for my son to enjoy and desire cuddling with me. I don't resent it because of that, amongst other reasons. The nighttime world is ours. Dream-heavy, sleep-webbed, the boundaries between us blur. By moments it is as though we are one body again and the lulling dark around us is like a velvet thing you sail into.

I am yours, I tell him, and you are mine. And I wonder if he'll remember any of this as he grows. Whether ever walking in dark rooms he'll feel an echo of comfort, recall the sensation of being held and loved, the scent of my skin, the rhythm of my heart.

And sometimes in there I meet my own memory. A tall blue-eyed man and the sound of his voice. The Russian song he used to sing to send me to sleep.
Spi moya radost usni.

Blogroll - the Cs

My Favourite of the C Blogs

Again, way more readable and interesting stuff than I am linking to including lots of deep and meaningful and wordy blogs that I didn't really give the attention they deserve, because well, I am tired. And my f-list is already populated by deep thinkers.

City On the River She is an ex-pat of some place that is not Japan, living in Japan. She is witty and confesses to procrastination. Sometimes that's all I need to feel an affinity for someone.

Chapstick and Fishnets The title alone was captivating.

CupCate Because she made me laugh. And didn't tax my brain with too many words.

Cynical Dad Proving that cynisism and parenting is a good mix.

Special mention to:

Clearly Delirious The red background makes my eyes hurt but oh my word the pictures of those babies are just an overload of cute and should only be consumed as part of a cute-controlled diet. It's like an Anne Geddes calender.

Even though I generally avoid craft blogs like the plague, I have to give credit where credit is due and this woman dressed up her dog as sushi for halloween

In the same vein this woman dressed up her baby as a carrot for Halloween which is just inspired.