deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

For the first time the breakup of Yugoslavia seems like a stroke of genius

SERBIA WON EUROVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [god knows where we'll host it though]

I am so chuffed. And gratified that this happened despite us having some of the most bizarre choreography I have ever seen (aside from the French entry a couple of years back where a woman danced on stilts; that's still unsurpassable to me).

I am even more pleased today of course, having read all the snippy comments in The Guardian.

My favourites:
1) The guy from Turkey griping about 'Europe rewarding Serbia instead of punishing it for genocide of 10 years ago' - because really Turkey? Are you the best place to raise the issue of human rights violations?

2)People who are griping about politics and the waving of the Serbian flag but praising the Ukranian entry (because the lyrics 'sing russia goodbye' are not even remotely political)

3)The bitterness about political voting (surely this is part of the entertainment? And incidentally it doesn't prevent points being awarded to songs that people love, like Finland's entry last year).

4)Anyone who is saying that Eurovision has really let its standards drop. Because as far as I'm concerned the trashyness is the best part.
Tags: glee, stuff i love helplessly despite itself, victory is mine
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