November 30th, 2007


i'm freee! i'm freeeeeeeeeeeee!

Wednesday was my last day of work. Originally I wasn't meant to go on leave until the second week of December but the amounts of pain I was in made me collate all my annual leave and just take off early.

On Thursday I did as the cats do and slept all day with an occasional pause for food and stretching only to sleep in a different position. TOday I did much of the same, only with a shower and some hair-combing thrown in. Although I am no stranger to sloth, this crazy amount of self-indulgence made me feel quite guilty (I had been entertaining bold - and clearly doomed- plans of cleaning the house). I had no idea I could feel that tired considering I slept most of the day, then slept all night as well. However, in reality I think I should be making the most of it considering that after the baby comes I won't be getting restful shuteye for the next 18 years.

The last days of work were hard. Despite being buoyed by crazy rushes of adrenaline I was still struggling to get through the day. THe baby's head had begun to move down into my pelvis (an entirely normal procedure) but it roughly translated as OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW as pelvic pain shot up another octave and I walked in a manner that was not so much waddle as Lurch Of The Undead.

I'm in the 37th week of pregnancy, and it's been a time of milestones it seems. My navel has begun to get shallower and I've had to take out my bellybutton piercing.

Everyone tells me I look great, which is encouraging considering that if I felt like crap AND looked like crap I'd probably spend all my days crying. One thing I'm grateful for is that at least it's not Z in pain because a) if he was we'd probably have ended up in marriage counselling by now and b) of the two of us he is much better placed to periodically haul the other into verticality.

And on that same note of counting my blessings and whatnot, here is a list of evils that have not been visited upon me in this pregnancy: stretch marks, heartburn, swelling, contstipation, piles, insomnia, excessive weight gain. Verily, verily, long may they stay away.

The urchin cat is wonderful. I am particularly fond of her habit of sleeping either on me or curled up next to some crook of my body, purring and generating contentment. (Though she still fears Z, I am very much her little snugglebunny). As far as I'm concerned, she has one bad habit which is an insistence on grooming me. While I appreciate the thought, the raspiness of her tongue I'm not so wild about. She is a strange little creature. Half puppy, half-cat. Incredibly affectionate, with a passion of curling up near wherever I am, but without the need to chew shoes and stuff.

LJ has been sadly neglected in the past couple of weeks while I struggled to get through my contracted hours without crying, but now that I am no longer gainfully employed catching up on your lives seems like the finest use of my time and I look forward to doing so.