February 6th, 2006


a dog's life

My grandma to the carer: Now make sure you close the door so Nina can’t get in here so she doesn’t wee all over the place.
Carer: But surely Nina wouldn’t do that.
Grandma: Oh I was thinking of the dog.

I wish this was the first time my grandma mistook me for a canine but she still has a regular habit of referring to me as Jimmy *

Belgrade is very cold (9 Celsius below zero) but no snow alas. I am having at least an hour of exercise a day. I am Teh Hardcore Teh Lunatic.

My grandmother is being really nice to me. I take it as a very bad sign of her deteriorating mental health.

* late cocker spaniel – aka Evil Jimmy or known simply as AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArggghhhhhh to his many victims.