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All praise to the sunny weekends!

This morning my garden was like a wedding feast, a festival of white petals and pear blossoms, foreshadowing the bombardment of overripe-but-still-hard-as-granite pear fruits which entertain us throughout summer.
(N: awwwwwwww! the pretty!
Z: F***ing pears

The weekend was fabulous, and rather heavy on the parks.

Saturday was a near perfect day - involving lunch, and lurching around Regent's Park with my full stomach in between bouts of lying on the grass and sitting around.

we frolicked

i communed with fairies

while z tried to blend with the grass

and i had a rest on an immaculately-mown lawn

On Sunday we bought a bike-holding contraption from Argos, loaded our cycles onto the back of the car and headed out with friends to Richmond Park. The park was beautiful, although Z and I had our oldest fight, the one which goes something like:

N: I'm hungry.
Z: You cannot possibly be hungry. We only ate 17 hours ago!
N: Well obviously it's worn off. Want more food.
Z: You just had some juice. That has sugar in it. Surely that and light and air is enough to sustain you?
N:Clearly not. Food is needed. Please, I beg you, when can we get some food?
Z: Oh, later. Why can't you just relax and enjoy this beautiful day? I'm sure if you focus on the birds and the grass your stomach will stop growling and you will be full of energy and revived. See how great I feel? Let's go cycling up hills!
N:: *weeps* I want a divorce.

But then Z relented and bought me dinner in the Richmond branch of Giraffe, and I stopped hating him, and we all lived happily ever after, especially me, who doesn't have to work today.

Furthermore, there were baby humans and baby deer.

Do you like shoes? I like shoes! Then perhaps you'd like to buy some shoes?
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