deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

Xenu made me do it...

I have a confession to make. I’m thinking of going to see Mission Impossible III because I think it’s the sort of thing Z will enjoy. Even though it is tainted by the mind-rays of Xenu. Maybe he will enjoy it all the more because of it. Maybe I should buy tickets for my Raving Alcoholic Italian Neighbour and she will be forever changed by the experience into possibly a more pleasant person.

Second confession: I watched Mission Impossible 1 and 2 and I didn’t understand what was going on other than that Tom Cruise had to run around a lot. I’m not sure whether this is because:

- I just don’t catch off fast enough
- There was no plot
- The plot WAS Tom Cruise running

On the other hand – X-Men 3! Eurovision! The arrival of friends from Foreign! The cat weeing on other people’s trees! There is much cause for justified excitement and celebration in the N&Z household.
Tags: blather, films, random

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