deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

I have finally given in to advertising pressure and the giggly giddiness of my unspent salary, and I went out and bought an iPod Nano and I love it love it love it love it love it as much as I loathe the software it comes with.

Ah, it is so small! And so sleek! And so beautiful! And it slots so neatly into pockets and handbags! It is a thing of great beauty and joy, and music at 78p a song is not horrific either.

Yet even more excitingly Z and I have got a house! A house, I say! A house for us! (Well a flat, technically. But house sounds catchier).

And as an alternative to dumping all our possessions in a skip and setting them on fire we have been loading them into the back of a Ford Mondeo instead. A trying time to be sure, made easier with the assistance of mzdt who helped immigrate sofas thus demonstrating his starlike personal qualities and the lengths he goes to make sure that his buttocks stay pert as ever.

And then actually_not came to visit and brought wine and pictures and oh my God, I am so happy! I have probably never been so happy in my entire life. More gushing to follow on ooohshiny I'm sure.

Finally, as the appendix to this chirpy entry:

A glance into the strange mind I'm dealing with, and Reason 6896 why I love Z

An early morning conversation between a young couple who have just spent a day shifting furniture and a night on a deflating inflatable bed

Z: I have no t-shirts! I need a t-shirt!
N: Honey you have that whole big bagful of clothes in the other room - remember you brought it yesterday.
Z: That's my dirty laundry.
Tags: house!
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