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an insight into the general level of insanity that is on in my mind somewhere, like all the time

Internet, take heed!
If you are at all hypochondriac in your inclination (as I am), then under no circumstances should you look up your symptoms on the web that connects us all.

Courtesy of a fast-growing mole I have now convinced myself that I have skin cancer and that considering the state of my local practice by the time I get to see a doctor it will be too late and I will need chemotherapy and lose all my hair and have to wear a wig at my wedding.

Because it's all just one clear progression in my head.
Although I am always amused by the fact that in this doom-and-gloom visualising the prospect of death is never nearly as worrying as the blows to my vanity.

I despair at myself sometimes.

Although on the positive side the cat is cuter and fluffier than ever, which is nice.
Tags: body wonk
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