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Flirtation - maximum pleasure, 0% fat

Yesterday my granny and I were making a cake, and since an equal number of eggs went on the floor as they did into the bowl thanks to the infirmities of old age [old people are so much like children my heart aches] I went to the shops to get some more. And the man who sold them to me was perfectly handsome in that "very blue of eye, very white of teeth" way and what's more he dimpled when he smiled.

And since I resist flirtation just about as succesfully as I resist jewellery, we bantered. It's that old familiar thrill of playfulness, and words and smiles exchanged, circling like dancers. I love everything about flirtation. The grins, the wordplays, the endless possibilities of connection. The thrill of saying something funny and seeing his blue eyes light up. The Beggings Of Things.

On the other hand, endings are less of a buzz. Walking away, saying politely "No thank you" to offers of a drink, in my head the whole time the mantra: "You are happily Relationshiped. You are happily Relationshiped".

I am still working on convincing Z that these displays of restraint should be rewarded with regular doses of flowers.
Tags: grandmother, introspection
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