deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

And then we came to January...

This year my resolutions have focused on the acquisition of new skills:

1) Learning how to put a contact lens in my eye

2) Taking driving lessons

At the moment I'm also attempting for Do solid 45 minutes or more of exercise three times each week and for this week I'm set to reach the target having nearly killed myself with Martine McCutcheon's "Dance Yourself To Fitness/Cardiac Arrest- Whichever Comes First" Video and going ice skating and swimming over the weekend.

A reminder for people who haven't read my previous post:

Due to the fact that an Evil Pickpocketer (who is not in any way affiliated to webofevil*) has stolen my phone and ALL YOUR PHONE NUMBERS WITH IT. So if you want to be contacted by me at some point in the future when I get a new phone, you're invited to leave me a number (or throw in your addresses too if you fancy it) I can reach you on.

(All replies to my previous post are screened, so you can leave your number and not have to live in fear of stalking)

*I hope
Tags: blather
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