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Long Time No Update

Before I begin any substantial recital of what I have been doing in my life, may I just say:

To The Person Who Stole My Mobile Phone, I Hope You Get Brain Cancer.

And to the people whose phone numbers I had but now no longer do thanks to that little fingersmith please do leave them in the comments. For this reason, all comments to the post are screened

I have had much rage about this but really it's not that horrific since the phone was insured and my wallet with what happened to be a substantial amount of money did not get nicked, so in the grand scheme of things everything is fine. But I am Very Displeased and I give thieves the Paddington Bear Stare.

And now not to dwell on these negativities, let me relate some nice happenings from the last month in which I have been forbidding myself internet access in order to work on the papers for my course.

1) Z and I spent the whole of the holidays with each other and did not kill each other or anything, except through overeating which seemed like a wonderful sign for the future of our relationship.

2)I went ice skating with ultraruby in Somerset House, and it was ace! And I did not fall down! In fact I enjoyed the whole thing so much that Z and I are going this weekend to skate at Alexandra Palace. Ice dancing rules baby.
And I can see how I have developed from my humble un-coordinated beginnings where I thought "Hmmmm this doesn't look too difficult, look at all these people just gliding" and ended up with 62 bruises* to prove just how easy it was. Although this was all way back when I was a child and children are bouncy.

3) I found lots of really beautiful things on Sale, crowned by the fact that I bagged two pairs of Perfect Courduroy Trousers in Perfect Shades of Brown for £15 at Dorothy Perkins and I'm so gleeful and pleased with myself that I might start a Livejournal just for my outfits.

4) miss_newham made me a hat! And it too is ace!

5) I have reduced my gainful employment from 4 days to 2 days a week and now I'm poor in finances but in rich in spirit so that's all right then. At the start I had been worried how I'd do with having less structure in my life but that was before I realised just how much time can be spent snuggling in bed with fluffy kittens. Employed people have no idea what they are missing out on.

6) I have come to understand that the cat and I are in fact One Being that enjoys the same thing in life: food, the bed, snuggling in the bed, and insinuating ourselves into people's laps/heabutting them as a demand for caresses & affection.

7) I made Z go see Brokeback Mountain despite his many protests of "But why can't we watch a nice gorilla instead of nasty cowboys", and we both thought that it was excellent and beautifully acted and Z's head did not implode during any of the love scenes.

And now here's some recent pictures:

our wholesome firelit christmas
Originally uploaded by rainsinger.

*My cousin and I counted, and I won by three bruises. I am the martyrest of them all!


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