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That Darn Cat

Well, the people have spoken and the kitten's name is Milica [However this may be subject to some change as the kitten's genitalia are somewhat ambigious and we are harbouring the suspicion that she is in fact a boy].

The kitten is adorable and has settled in without major trauma [unless we count the considerable trauma sustained by all the houseplants]. I love the kitten so much that I want to resign my job and move in with Z just so that I can play with her full-time.

The kitten is a deeply sociable creature and enjoys being with people [and particularly jumping all over them in the middle of the night] and the row of little sharp toothmarks in our arms attest to just how much of an impact she has had in our lives.

It's Day 3 in Small Barnet House and here is the story so far:

Kittenish Achievements:

*She has made the airbed history
*Kept Z and I up half the night with pouncing antics and demolition of bedding
*Has made terrific progress towards sendign Z's sheets towards the Big Laundrybasket In the Sky.
*Redocerated the bathroom with granules of cat litter, but used the litterbox with no accidents.
*Killed a spider.
*Asssissted me with issues of personal grooming by chewing my hair and licking my arms.
*Claimed Z's computer chair for her own.
*Helped us with household tasks by licking clean the ice cream bowls.
*Swatted Z across the face when he snored [this and the destruction of the gold sheets suggests that the kitten and I are part of a supportive telepathic sisterhood]

Last Night
*In one of the lulls all three of us asleep. Z and I are lying on our sides, precariously balanced on a deflating mattress, holding hands [not just a sign of romance, but also self-protective necessity due to kitten's fetish like attachment to chewable human fingers]. The kitten is stretched out in the space between us, her back pressed to my chest, her legs stretched out so that her paws are touching Z's stomach.

* I opened the freezer to take out the icecream and shut the freezer door behind me without looking. Later I opened the freezer door to return the ice cream and lo and beheld the kitten sitting on the freezer shelf looking somewhat sad and confused.

Just now
*Lying curled up in my lap and occasionally helping me type the entry by walking across the keyboard.

jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjji[j48pl46 <----------------Milica says hi

Z and Milica contemplating the problem of World Poverty

Watching Live 8





Jul. 3rd, 2005 06:46 pm (UTC)
Those pictures are priceless! :D
Jul. 4th, 2005 07:17 pm (UTC)
Thank you :)
They certainly made me giggle.


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