deep sky, firefly (rainsinger) wrote,
deep sky, firefly

Gah. My hip is being an arthritic bitch and now my left knee is siding with it. I can't tell if walking makes things better or worse. Yesterday I walked home from work [it was lovely weather, and i'd eaten cheesecake for lunch] and I was fine walking but as soon as I got home and sat down I was in lots of stiffness and pain.

I feel like an old lady and its frustrating me. Yesterday my boss felt sorry for me and attempted to shoo me home at midday, despite my explanations that I'll be in pain wherever I am, so I might as well finish the paperwork.

So in order to distract myself from the bits of my body that are breaking down at 25, I've been concentrating on the bits of my body that are very well behaved and I have an excellent relationship with and like very much.

Therefore on that note here's a picture of my navel modelling my new bellyring, which turns an electric blue under the UV light.

Bellyring Bellyring

Butterflies in the tummy

Tags: arthritis, blather, body wonk
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