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Today I am ill, because I have a fever and a headache and I feel shit, and I've been forbidden from showing up at work where apparently they have quite enough of germs spread by small children, thanks all the same.

So instead, I've stayed home and nursed myself with teas and lemsips and daytime television [oh the spectacularly bad films on channel 5 i've so desperately missed since being a responsible working citizen], and to not feel like I haven't done anything productive with my day I went and joined the Liberal Democrats.

I am determined to vote this election because I'm disillusioned in Labour and as my disillusionment and frustration grows I believe it's time to take a stand.

I oppose Conservatives on both moral and social grounds, because whatever their posters may say I think their policies are a bunch of racist, inhumane, uncompassionate, reactionary, hard-headed wank.
On the same note I have been disillusioned with the Labour governemnt over what they've done in Iraq and failed to do in education [axe university fees for example], so the Lib Democrats do seem "The Real Alternative".

From the site:

10 Good reasons to vote liberal democrat

WE OPPOSE: Putting targets first
WE PROPOSE: Putting patients first
Faster diagnosis so your NHS treatment can start more quickly

WE OPPOSE: Tuition fees & top up fees
WE PROPOSE: Scrapping student fees
Further education affordable to every student

WE OPPOSE: Compulsory I.D. Cards
WE PROPOSE: Spending the money on 10,000 more police
Funded by scrapping compulsory I.D. cards

WE OPPOSE: Selling your home to pay for care
WE PROPOSE: Free personal care for the elderly
No one forced to sell their home to pay for care

WE OPPOSE: Ignoring climate change
WE PROPOSE: Cleaner transport & cleaner energy
Cleaner transport, cleaner energy and a cleaner environment

WE OPPOSE: £1.5 billion on the child trust fund
WE PROPOSE: £1.5 billion towards reducing class sizes
Spend the £1.5 billion Child Trust Fund when it matters most

WE OPPOSE: Means-testing pensioners
WE PROPOSE: £100 extra per month starting with the over 75s
A million pensioners off means-testing

WE OPPOSE: Hidden tax increases
WE PROPOSE: Only one tax increase - on income above £100,000 per year
Only one tax increase on income over £100,000

WE OPPOSE: Unfair council tax
WE PROPOSE: Local income tax, saving typical households £450 per year
Local Income Tax is both fair and affordable

WE OPPOSE: Bush & Blair on Iraq
WE PROPOSE: Never again
It's time to restore trust in government

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