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What with all the stress and lethargy and depression, I have initially failed to mention the good things about my trip.

So, in no particular order of importance:

1) Snow! And lots of it! Enough to fall in and make snow angels and slide down hills on bum!

2) Cheap coctails! Cheaper mulled wine! And jazz. Oh joy, oh delight.

3) Wonderful friends, so I feel that I have in some measure managed to catch up with people and recharge our connections. And I saw one of my oldest and best friends in the world, Dragana (miss_newham, tjej and mzdt you met her), AND she now has an LJ on trsha although currently it's all still in foreign.

4) On the plane back I finally appeared to have broken the rainsinger Curse Of Travelling, by getting seated next to a man who was not emitting either repulsive commentary or body odours. Instead as happened he was rather good looking and pleasant enough and offered to carry my bags.

He was dark skinned and talked to me in slightly strange Serbian, so my intial thought was "Well there's an unusually well-mannered Gypsy" but actually as it turned out he's from Puerto Rico.

5) In Heathrow my baggage and I were reunited without major complications and Z (aka tahwah was waiting for me and carried bags to the car which carried everything back to my home.

6) Since then I have been cuddled and soaked in extremely long, extremely hot baths, read Mr. Norell and Mr. Strange and slept for 12 hour stints (an almost unheard of luxury)

7) Reaffirmed that my alcohol tolerance was reaching new lows after I got drunk on one shot of Limoncello.

I'm doing much better now that I have had loads of sleep. I feel much less tearful and depleted, so I anticipate that with continuing rest and recuperation in a period of quiet.

Z is leaving for Canada on Monday where he will all being well snowboard (and all being well return unfractured) or else just walk around a bit through sleet and fly kites or whittle bows and arrows or something for the next two weeks.

I am curbing my raving jealousy by going to Brighton this Saturday eve where tjej promised me charity shops, and beaches, and being allowed to hide under duvet covers. Obviously, I am thrilled.

A thrill deepened by going to M&S yesterday and hauling back home underpants with polka dots on, and a beautiful chocolate brown cardigan with lace trim and lace cuffs. I am quite in love with it.

Yesterday it snowed like crazy, but it only made me wet and sad. Today I am sitting indoors with my wooly hat on because I'm still bloody cold.



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Mar. 3rd, 2005 03:00 pm (UTC)
Dragana was super ace. I'm adding her and hoping I will learn Serbian by osmosis.
Mar. 3rd, 2005 07:51 pm (UTC)
Sounds like fun =)

I looked at the alien language and ran away.
Mar. 3rd, 2005 10:14 pm (UTC)
I don't do famously with the British-en-masse to begin with (I do much better with individual Britans, but being a descendant of Black '49 there's some latent animosity towards Parliment and Royals) but my last visit to Heathrow put our tension to a new level. When I was 13 (well before 9/11/01) I was trying to get my new single handed basket hilted claymore back to the states (not as a carry on even) and had it confiscated. Then the attendant starting throwing my bags. So I leaned back to a friend of mine and said, "They should be careful with that, it's the one with the bomb." Well they overheard me and Bobby's came running. Coming from a land where EVERYONE has guns and NOBODY wears pointed hats of anykind I didn't take them seriously enough and we had a 2 hour conversation. My traveling mates would have been upset at the delay, had our total delay not been over three hours due to the airline itself. In the end no charges were made because I was young and leaving anyways. I felt like saying, "Well, if it wasn't that one which one was it" but, wisely, chose not to.
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