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within me, there's a magpie

Today I went on a shoe-and-rug shopping expedition, which was partially succesful as I failed to find a rug but bought earrings instead (ooooooh! dangly! shiny!). The rug was really just a passing fancy to make the floor less cold, but the shoes were an utter necessity, so I hauled home two pairs.

1) were slippers, which in the golden days of yore I actually had, until my mother gave them away to Kati (the dog), on the pretext that *they were falling apart anyway* even though I remember for a fact that they were in a pristine condition until Kati started using them as toothpicks. But! no matter, for I walked away with a pleasingly warm and cheap, and above all ludicrous looking pair of slippers, so I am satisfied on all levels.

My next purchase was some warm and waterproof boots. I'd been hoping to find a sensible black pair I could tread through puddles with, but instead all that was left in my size this late in the season was a pair of brown ones with a shiney golden sheen, so I'm blinging. (Take that shoewawa with all your strappy golden heeled sandals, you are small fry).

I had a highly interrupted conversation with Z (where the phone connection kept getting severed every two seconds), in which I got to be pleased by hearing his voice and admire his persistence against what were clearly imposing odds. The raod to mobile phones is paved with good intentions.

Outside of Belgrade the sky is shedding snowflakes the size of 50p pieces, but in the White City climes are more moderate and the snowflakes are a tiny and industrious flurry. One of my favourite things about snowfall is looking up, and for instance all the falling flakes make it seem as though the world has somehow been tipped into slow motion. Every new snow feels like a privilige, to see the city so prettified and still and make a trail of steps as ephemeral as rainbows across a stretch of pristine white.

Had I not been staggeringly drunk (and staggering being a keyword here, what with all the snow and ice) I would have walked down to St. Sava's Temple not becuase of any latent Orthodox urge but simply because I like snow and cities at night. As it was though, I just channelled all my effots into walking home, into the warm embrace of my dial-up.

Goodnight sweet world.


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Feb. 15th, 2005 12:09 pm (UTC)
Per your request, consider this an official announcement of my unsolicited friending. We share a mutual friend in whispersinink, my favorite creative swear word has got to be somewhere in here, and as initial tribute I offer up to you this fantastic picture.

Regarding snow and cities at night... I can only assume that Belgrade shares the European City feel of places I've been, such as Bastogne, Caen, and Bruxelles. I love those cities. I can only hope to experience them in the snow someday. :) I've been in a New York City blizzard, that's a marvel in itself.
Feb. 16th, 2005 09:30 am (UTC)
Hello and welcome :)
Feb. 15th, 2005 10:06 pm (UTC)
snow thing and all that....
Hi Honey,
I am glad you enjoy the whole snow thing. About the joy of watching it, that is true. It surely does have some hypnotic affects. Last time when I went to visit my sister in Manchester, I was caught in a truly heavy blizzard in a car on a motorway. That was sometime in november so it was quite unexpected. It was one of those wet ones with very big flakes so as I was driving along, the view of the road on some 60 m/h suddenly become a windows screen saver. The one where the dots are coming from the center and it gives the impression of space. I think that by the time I got to my destination, I was cross-eyesed and in alfa state.


the phoney, Z

Feb. 16th, 2005 09:34 am (UTC)
Re: snow thing and all that....

zao mi je sto nisi s nama ali bacamo grudve i za tebe :)

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