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I had a really weird dream just now. Most of my dreams are surreal but this one was especially so.

I think it was extra bizzarre because I had been drawing and painting Tarot just before I fell asleep so that would account for some of the themology/imagery.

I dreamt I was in an alternative sort of London, and Olympia was a kidn of strange energy centre. It was a kind of dark abandoned looking building.

On lower levels of this was my earthly family, and I seemed to exist as myself and as another. It was like the dream had two levels or I had two levels, because I was also a chrome angel.

so there was my aunt wondering through the dream, looking for something and my cousins, trying to get my cousin a present for graduation (these are all elements of the day to day, i fell asleep thinking i needed to call my aunt.
So I think that was just my subconscious to-do list on auto-pilot.

Now, on the other level of the dream I was an angel. Except not your stereotypical looking angel. I was grey, almost as if I had been made of clay. and I was stuck between heaven and earth. I could fly, but not always, because if I felt heavy, or frightened, or sad, then I would turn into lead and I would be too heavy to fly. My name, I think, was Azriel.

In my dream, even though angels are kind of androgynous, I looked male. I also had a goat's head (I think this is down to the Tarot, I had been drawing rams for the emperor card) and I was part of a really strange plot. There was an Emperor there, and Nancy was there too. Nancy and I seemed to be a part of the entourage without really being affiliated with the Emperor, Nancy was more of a detached observer in the house.

The most disturbing part of the dream was that the Emperor was doing things to children. He was making sure that the children were not allowed to speak, so he was sewing up their throats. I was on the outside of the house, on this dark circular balcony (the bulidling looked kind of like the Colloseum) and even though I couldn't figure out exactly how to get into the house I knew what was going on in it.

THere were guards on the balcony. I know this because for a lot of the dream I was getting chased by one of them and we were running arond and around and around. And at some point I threw a guard off the balcony and watched them fall and then I threw myself off, and I was plummetting, because I was made of lead and then I figured out how to fly so I got my wings working and lifted myself up above this dark and depressing city.

It was all very grey in the dream. It felt like a very scientific, cold, detached place and for some reason it was full of mad Japanese scientists. Just before I woke up, I was trapping one of them.

We were falling, and he kept trying to reach out and hook onto me and I kept trying to escape and I think I managed to do it in the end, just before I woke up. Strange dream though, deeply unsettling. Reminded me a bit of Phillip Pullman'sNorthern Lights, the lab in which they do things to the kids, separate them from thier animal spirits.


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Nov. 7th, 2003 07:44 am (UTC)
All interpretations aside,
your dream self clearly has decent moral values,
as mad Japanese Scientists should be trapped.
Nov. 7th, 2003 11:50 am (UTC)
No white Xmasses, only the house of pain for RS..
I remember 2 "dreams" taking place in london where I was taken to a particular area for being as you rightly put it "a kind of strange energy centre" where I had been to neither place before. I've never read anything about ley lines but it might make intersting reading re:this.

The day after the second dream, I was walking around London with a friend of mine I turned a corner and there was this place, I knew it even though I had seen from a different (with the usual "astral travel" advantage of flight) angle. my friend immediately went into the classic tirade of "deja vu" explanations ("it's actually a connection that is made in your brain, bla bla..") but this was a wildly different to the experience of deja vu of course and I was able to dismiss it very quickly (u know me rainsinger I don't glamourise astral travel over dreams over deja vu so I don't really mind what it is).
The other place, the first place, I saw a while ago, before I met you I think, and I remembered the name of this place I had never been to -(have you been to Olympia ?) but you mentioning your dream has made me unsure of my memory.

London is a very "Vibrant" city and it is no accident that we feel drawn to it, it is one of the great places of the world and to describe it as being part of England is to do it a great spiritual injustice. So there's for the location from the POV of a "detached observer" (t'es pas allée chercher loin quand même!)

ok I'm going to sound obsessed with astral travel BUT this sounds a lot like travel to me.
the being drawn to particular vibration in an area
the fact that you can fly, but feel the physical tug like "lead" when you begin to feel the limitaions of your physical body
everything in fact...
the fact that you yourself acknowledge that you are existing in the dream on 2 diff levels

btw I don't understand what you mean by chrome angel so svp explain at some point..
and ..what does the name Azriel mean to you ?

As for Nancy being there, I thnk it's very clear that Nancy represents to you a higher form of your self - like a deity..something you have the possibility of EVOLVING towards and that perhaps, one day, with a lot of hard work and dedication on your part you will be able to reach her level of being.
;p tee-hee

well maybe not that last bit...

so you're not necessarily engaged in astral travel here, but the way you are in this dream probably makes use of your memory of being in astral travel. You have the two WAYS of being you accounted for in the dream.

Nov. 7th, 2003 11:51 am (UTC)
More from the House of Païen.
"Now, on the other level of the dream I was an angel. Except not your stereotypical looking angel. I was grey, almost as if I had been made of clay. and I was stuck between heaven and earth. I could fly, but not always, because if I felt heavy, or frightened, or sad, then I would turn into lead and I would be too heavy to fly."

That's just like the experience of being human, doesn't feel like a great mystery there. we ARE made of clay and fears restrict us. The physical expression of self constricts us if we pay too much attention to one side of things. C W G

I feel this dream is about you, being aware of what you are, that you are more than just a physical being, you are "a clay angel" or earth angel. Nancy is there because she is seomeone who is like you, suspects a similar truth that you suspect, and is therefore corroboration, or support to you and your vision/knowledge. This knowledge is in many ways your freedom from the terrible limited existence that most people experience as life, which is why YOU (and I imagine me as well) are on the balcony OUTSIDE the House (which i felt tempted to think of as the World (the mother you see), well the World of men)
The Emperor sounds like the responsible adult who knows this but chooses to rule in Hell rather than serve in Heaven. Children are potential and in your dream they are being cut off before they have chance to express their curiosity (and denounce the Emperor) and come out and join you on the balcony ! It is also reminsicent of the way you feel when you hear of
innocents being slaughtered, on the News. And the way this sadness you feel at your own impression of powerlessness makes want to open up and "heal" them, at which point the full violence of the attack made by the "emperors men" hits you and you feel under attack from them, because by letting in the pain of victims, you let in the thing that killed them and I think that's why they come for you at that point.
The guards represnt a way of thinking that exists all around us and that we are afraid of getting sucked into, and that we will not get sucked into while we afraid of being so and as long you keep having these dreams of being persecuted by unclean thinking.
Hence your fight or flight situation on the balcony when you jump off.
One also feels that there is a lot to do, too much to do, too many guards to get rid of, in the world, and who DOES the world belong to ? who's to say that Earth isn't meant to be a nasty little place with nasty little people in it. Maybe it's you that doesn't belong.

The answer seems to be that you have to get between the emperor and the children since this is where it starts, the emperor has power because the children are silenced before they can rebel, the guards only chase you because the empeoror tell them too, you need to place yourself (or ourselves) between the emperor and the children.

See, we detached observers have our uses.

Love, with detached observation,


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