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Right, I've just had further metereologic reports from my secret agents in Belgrade and they say that:

Most days the temperatures in the morning are -16/-15 C and during the day they climb up to about -9 to -3 C. During the month of February the lowest predicted temperature will be -28 C, and the highest +3 C (they failed to specify whenabouts in Feb this would be happening though).

There are several things to keep in mind at these temperatures.
The worst thing is wind chill . IF there is no wind then the temperatures are actually quite bearable, and the cold is more brisk and stimiluating and pleasant than murderous. However, the wind is murder. The wind will find every exposed piece of your skin and make you regret it (I remember my eyeballs being cold), and it is really important to have big scarves you can wrap around your face (for breathing in freezing air is murderous). Also gloves. Bring at least two pairs, for the buggers are easy to lose and impossible to live without.

Also Hats, especially ones that can be pulled over the ears. Breathing in cold air can give you a headache, so it's another reason why scarves-over-face are a good idea.

The Second Worst Thing is the Ice. This is a bastard as the melting snow /falling snow freezes and very often the city streets are treacherous for they are in fact largely just one huge skating rink (and falling on your bum, on ice, is supremely painful, so I advise against this).

Therefore, to cope with this, and with piles of snow you must have good footwear. Ideally, footwear that is waterproof (or else the snow will leave you soaked in an eyeblink), and a sole with grip. If you've got fur-lined insoles you can slip into your shoes so much the better.

Bring lots of tights and socks. A typical layering for me might be: tights, two pairs of wool socks, jeans, warm shoes. And then at least two layers of clothing + sweater/sweatshirt.

Bring a heap of socks. The warmer the better. In colds like this I will tend to sleep in tracksuit bottoms and a long sleeved shirt and have a pair of socks on at all times, except in the bath.

tjej you are on the right track with your longjohns, miss_newham and mzdt may also want to bring some. And your warmest wind-proof parkas and coats.

Therefore when packing for Siberia Serbia it is most important that you bring lots of warm clothes and lots of layers, and reliable shoes (for once even I am planning to sacrifice prettyness for something that will keep me from broken bones and frostbite)

Althouhg, happily There is enough snow to go sledding, so watch my inner kid come hurtling out and throw itself down slopes.


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