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And now, I'm home, and I'm watching American Telly via Channel 5 and frankly it's as gripping as it is apalling.

However, Trading Spouses is rather terrific. I love that show, in spite/because of featuring some terrible examples of humanity. Although the Goergia Dad today who has traded places with the New York dad is such a sweetie.

On the other hand... their wives. Christ.
The N.Y. one is just such a control freak it's unbelievable. Not to mention insensitive, obsessive, neurotic, show-off. Her poor children (incidentally they are so unbelievably lovely, such opposites to their mother that perhaps she stole them at birth.)

I suffer some regular little neuroses at the sight of deep-fried Southern food (I could feel my heart valves shuddering). Why do people have this impulse to fry thier food in a vat of oil? It kills the taste and I weep to think of the cholesterol.

But really, all these musings bring me back to a larger point.
American vs. British telly.
Personally, although American telly amuses me there are many aspects of it which I find irritating.
Such as the amount of good looking people on most of the shows. Everyone seeming airbrushed. All the emphasis on pop psychology, everyone talking about *growth* and *journeys*. In Britain if people want growth and journeys they go to the pub.
I suppose in American telly it's the pretentiousness that gets to me. Between all the air-brushing, and whitened smiles, I feel like I'm not seeing anything genuine. Just Neptune's glamour and illusion at work.

To say nothing of all the really weird commercials for magical remedies for ailments that you get on American TV proper. I think my favourite one featured this smiling pretty woman going off on a date, laughing on the arm of her handsome partner and saying *Vaginal thrush need not be a problem with Product X*.

What I prefer to see is people with crooked teeth living in dingy housing going for a pint or a curry. I find it all termendously endearing and reassuring. This notion that in order to be successful as an actor you have to be able to well, act instead of look stunning. Or that in reality TV I'm seeing a sincere person, a real experience. Not to mention that British comedy is very clever (although having said this, Sunset Beach may well have been one of the finest sources of comedy there is).


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Dec. 24th, 2004 09:02 pm (UTC)
are you on aol? :) or are they making you toil today?
Dec. 24th, 2004 09:49 pm (UTC)
Everyone seeming airbrushed.

That's because they are. Puffed and stuffed and fluffed
to within an inch of their lives. I flee screaming to
BBC America and my weekly Eastenders package when I can't
take it anymore ;)
Dec. 24th, 2004 11:27 pm (UTC)
fox is probably the worst of the american channels, though - i don't even watch it except for the animated stuff. i really don't enjoy watching people get uncomfortable as in trading spouses. plus, you have to understand, here it's all about the extremes - people watch tv to feel better about themselves (like in trading spouses or the swan or any of that junk, ie, 'I'm not that bad/I'd never do anything like that'), or to escape from reality. appearances are brittle and artificial here for that reason. this is my theory, at any rate.

oh, and the drug ads are horrible - i don't think pharmaceutical companies should be allowed to advertise their drugs (because these are prescription meds, not over the counter, and it's really only in the last five years or so that they've been advertised like that) - especially not when we have whole groups of people who can't even afford medication because it is too expensive. because the pharmaceutical companies are spending hundreds of millions a year on advertising, and we don't have socialized medicine or universal health coverage. :\
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