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One of my favourite memories I'm about three years old there.

Things I love about astrology:
How it's its own language, and can be used as a shorthand for so many things, thus helpfully avoiding me having to talk about raw and actual feelings. How it allows me to say a great deal of things in code, using very few words.

e.g. Instead of saying *I'm having a shit day, and emotionally I'm going through the wringer and my relationship has just fallen apart* I can just talk about transits instead, and say how Uranus has just crossed my 7th house cusp, and Pluto is coming in to conjunct my moon and square my Mars and the constellation of revolving tophat is throwing a quintuplux to my nodal axis, and so on, thereby giving the wise astrologer an opportunity to nod in understanding and ask me whether I'd prefer lillies or peonies at my funeral.

The depth of my own feelings sometimes embarasses me and it's easier to talk about Cancerian Melancholy than say *I feel really vulnerable and sad*.

A while back norantiskitchen asked for a yuletide gift of two words that summed up our year. I said *opening doorways* because I thought that *Saturn Jupiter* would be too confusing and clunky to work into poetry.

But this year has been all about expansion and limitation. I've had my horizons expanded professionally, emotionally, personally. I've travelled to Australia. I've had many Jupiterian blessings in the unlooked for things that seemingly dropped in my lap - a job offer, a great love. On its flipside, I've had to cope with limitations of loving at a distance, and loss, and letting go of that which wasn't working. Stern tests and building of structures and boundaries around my normally nomadic existence. I've had windfalls of terrific fortune and trial, equal helpings of unexpected opportunity and hard reality.

Appropriately enough during this past year I've had my second Jupiter Return, Jupiter crossing the Ascendant, Mars and Pluto and Saturn coming into aspect to conjunct my Sun.

And today has been a wonderful evening spent in the company of Yugs, which is wonderful on so many levels as it involved lively music, lots of food and dirty jokes and much snugglage on the sofa.

It was the celebration of Natasha's family saint day (a serb tradition, where each family has a particular family saint and each year you celebrate a day dedicated to that saint by throwing a big party. Those crazy Yugs. Any excuse for revelry).

But it was lovely. I saw lots of people I hadn't seen for ages, and heard lots of jokes I hadn't heard before. We all reminisced fondly the hair-raising stories of our youth, and all in all had such a splendid time I was sorry I couldn't freeze time to have it last forever.

It was soooo bloody cold outside that when I came to Natasha's door I was in a state of mild hypothermia, which she remedied immediately by pouring some homemade walnut brandy down my throat (and my god, it was lovely. And the spontaneous combustion of my oesophagus really warmed me right up), while someone else supplied helpful and poetic quotes:

"They say that the first shot of rakija is like fire. The second is like velvet. The third is like dreams."

Oh so very true.


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Dec. 20th, 2004 02:48 pm (UTC)
Ah poetic lushes :D
Dec. 20th, 2004 03:16 pm (UTC)
I guess it's lucky for astrologers that Herschel didn't get to call his new planet Georgium Sidus like he wanted to. It would have broken up the whole mythological motif.

And of course the name Uranus is a godsend for school-boy humour.
Dec. 20th, 2004 04:19 pm (UTC)
YAY astrology!
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