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Who would have thought...

I am as of Friday a Fully Professional Tarot Reader. :D *beams*

I have been workign towards this for a very long time (five years) and it is great news. I am proud of myself.

The pay is fairly crap, as we get paid per reading and the store keeps more than half but any money is better than no money and it is a very famous place so it gets LOTS of clients. Work expereince-wise it is wonderful and I get paid in cash.

It is WEIRD to be working there. Good weird, but still bizzarre. Strange seeing Neil there too. WHich is strange for him as well seeing me.

It is a great opportunity and even my kin has come around to not freaking out about it as much. I am doing something that I love and I am building a reputation and getting lots of practice.

I still get really nervous and have to remind myself that I HAVE read cards before, that I know how to do this, that I am not a complete novice or idiot. It is a bit freaky having the clients give their impressions to the bosses after reading (I am still on trial) so far they have all been pleased (even though for one of them I think i mumbled total waffle).

Favourite clients:

Heartbroken women and any relationship question. People undergoing family rifts or major psychological transitions. All of them are wonderful material.

Least favourite cleints:

Married and bored rich women.

Least favourite question:

Am I going to get married soon?

Fantasised answer to this:

No actually. I am afraid not. In fact, it is funny you should ask, because I feel that you are going to be really miserable for the rest of your lfie. It says it right here in the cards. Unlucky.
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