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The Life of Crime

I had a lovely time at the gig. It was my first Cave-concert so I didn't have anything to compare it to, but I thought it was great. Nick Cave strutted his stuff and I danced on the slightly sticky floor and though I didn't know most of the songs (they were from the new album I believe which I haven't heard yet) I had a great night anyway, and besides he sang a fair few of the Murder Ballads too.

The Bad Seeds were a terrific band, I think my favourite is the manic violinist.

I'd say the only two downers of the night were having a lot of people tread on my feet and being stood next to what seemed to me a deranged individual for most of the gig (not you verlaine who insisted on shouting and laughing in a particularly ear-killing, nerve-grating way.

Got home in decent time and had my first night of sleeping on my lovely new bed- hurray! It's an exercise in gorgeousness and I love it love it love it love it. My back is singing songs of praise.

And today was another Tube Walk, and I fear it may have precipitated my moral decline and descent into crime as I stole a book by accident. I was at Marylebone station, waiting to catch a train into the deepest depths of Amersham (just so mzdt is not the only one undertaking exciting, epic journeys) and killed some time browsing in the bookshop. Killed quite a bit of time in fact, so much so that I realised that I may well miss the train so I legged it from the shop with such haste that I failed to realise I still had the book I'd been browsing in my hands. In fact, I only realised it on the train and by then it really seemed too late to alter the situation.

As happens, it's a very good book(Mourning Ruby) and it made the journey to Amersham infinately more enjoyable.

I think I'd make a terrible thief, I suffer from far too much guilt and self-recrimination. Up until today the only thing I've officially nicked (besides pens and staples from work) was a chocolate banana when I was seven and I felt so bad about it that I threw it up afterwards if I recall correctly.

Tube Walk was a pleasant walk through leafy suburbia and woods with giant mushrooms in, rounded off with the visit to the pub upon its completion where we drank our beverages of choice and nibbled on crisps and springbok biltong verlaine had purchased in the odd little Deli next to Chalfont & Latimer Station. They had all manner of bizzarre foodstuffs, ostrich and springbok and other lifeforms that had in their recent past probably been cavorting on the African savannah - but the brownies were delicious.

I also got my shiney Tube Walker badge from modalverben and I shall wear it with pride and enjoyment at the looks of confusion from the uninitiated. ;)

Gamely caught trains back to Civilisation Central London and the blissful comforts of dinner and the Known World and I fell asleep to the bits of random conversation around me and dreamt of Jesuits.

And now I'm going to NaNo til my fingers bleed.


Nov. 14th, 2004 05:06 am (UTC)
Oh, that verlaine and his ear-killing ways!


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