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I ended up staying up until after 6 to watch the American Election, and fell asleep to the TV and some bizzarre dreams that seemed as hilarious as they were disturbing.

I dreamt that Bush and Kerry, all the Republicans and Democrats were in this huge warehouse-like building and they wouldn't be let out until a President had been declared and in the interim there was all sorts of craziness and amusement going on.

Edwards was performing a tai-chi routine surrounded by cheerleaders in tiny skirts waving pom poms and doing splits and shouting and Kerry had this giant computer keyboard on which every single key had attached to it a little arm with a hand, and was using it to periodically punch the air in a lively manner and shout Go Kerry . Best of all Kerry and Bush were in front of a huge karaoke machine and were singing a duet of *Can't live, if living is without you*

I'm sure all this probably has to do with drinking vast amounts of cider before bed, and of course with all the clamour and craziness and having gone to sleep barely two hours before I needed to be up for work, I managed to oversleep and sleep through both my alarms. I know I heard them, I remember distinctly hearing them but they just fitted in with the general craziness of my dream.

Ended up getting into work half an hour late, and engaging in a very invigorating Serbian cursing sessions with my boss (who is usefully also a Yug) on the subject of about our hatred of Hellbrook and Rubin (both of us having barely resisted urges to throw shoes at the television set when he appeared on telly last night, smiling his simpering smile). It was great. I got to thump my desk emphatically, and make spitting noises and unleash the foulest words of my native tongue in a duet and it really made me feel much better about the whole thing.

That got off my working day to the best of possible starts, and it's just been spiralling up since. I've got a lot of stuff done, I have played and communicated well with various small human beings and even succesfully kept them from trashing the place and breaking all their bones, and I've also managed to stay up and feel refreshingly awake all day.

I have herbal tea in my gullet, and a picture of Ganesh as wallpaper on my desktop, and elephantine painkillers pleasantly mingling with chocolate in my tummy.

And oooh oooooh ooooooh bluedevi I GOT YOUR LETTER! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D



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Nov. 3rd, 2004 07:06 am (UTC)
sympathetic boss yay!
Also Ganesh my favourite god :D
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