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Oct. 28th, 2003

According to the practice nurse, I have shrunk 2 cm and gained 10 pounds. my BMI is probably going up through the roof. at this rate, i will be obese soon. woo hooo.

although i am a tad suspicious about some of those numbers (weight is probably right, my metabolism has been fucked about with and i've got a period) but I am outraged at having shrunk. especially since when i was getting emasured a few weeks ago in yugoslavia i was 173 cm tall.


i am fuming. i may not ask for much in my life but I would like those centimentrs back now please. i feel quite cheated.

livemeat's belief that maths is pants is appealing to me more and more every day. ;)

last night i went to my third mother's for affection and feeding. my first mother is the one whom i belong to biologically. the second one was Ivana, the woman who I lived with in HOlland for a while and who did look after me like her own child. My third mother is B, she is a recent addition mostly because she is childless and i really like her and have been looking for someoen to adopt me for a few years now.

(although I also have a spiritual mother though she hasnt been saddled with looking after me yet ;) )

B is a cool woman. She is a Yug, but she is quite liberal and very relaxed. she is a therapist who works with troubled children and refugees. i am neither exactly, but apparently i am easy to look after and she likes having me around. i like being around her as she is very nurturing wihtout being possessive or obsessive. and since I really wasnt looking after myself getting someone else to do it for a little bit was a good idea.

also because at her house there was a kitten :D not her kitten, B and the kitten are in a state of disagreement regarding the wrongfulness of eating of plants and jumping around on the kitchen surfaces and so on, she is just looking after it for a few weeks until the owners get back.

the kitten is adorable though :D really, more of an adolescent cat i suppose, but cute and smart and silky soft. a very clever and inventive cat as can be clearly seen from its vengeful and malicious streak.

the kitten and i also had a disagreement early on about scratching and biting that was resolved fairly well with *you scractch or bite me and i will thwack you on the head*. the kitten has quite a character, it is also bouncy and way full of energy. it seems to have just discovered jumping and from time to time it will take off and run around the house. (also attempt to leap onto every single surface it can reach. including hanging from my trouser leg)

the little bastard is very cute even though he did chew through the wire and amputate one of the earphones from my cd player.

He purrs like a tractor. Seriously. I have never heard such a loud purr from such a small cat. (somewhat akin to tiny human babies belching like truckers post meal. it was cool because i was feeling all piney without a cat and i got him to play with for a night.

He slept with me for most of the night. The first couple of times he gave me a start because there was this little thing dropping on me in the pitch black like a ton of bricks. He'd walk around for a while, try to sit on my shoulder or my hip, attempt to eat my hair and eventually curl up around my neck or some other body part. and purr. and purr. and purrr.

it was loooooooooooovely.

my stomach and lower back were both seriously hurting last night but the kitten tended to curl up near a painful area and the pain would go away. i've noticed this with fiendly animals. they radiate a lovely warm energy, and will often seek out and plant themselves wherever the source of pain/weakness is and feed me sweet helpful vibes.

i felt so loved up in the morning that it reduced the prolonged trauma of travelling by the underground at rush hour, compounded by the horror of travelling anywhere on the northern line and the shock of having gotten shorter and fatter.



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Oct. 28th, 2003 03:51 am (UTC)
Everyone shrinks on a daily basis - you're at your tallest
{i think that's grammatically correct)
first thing in the morning,
and shortest just before you go to bed.

Also depends on how straight you stand too;)

What was your stance on the wrongfulness of eating plants
o' consumer of ficus??

There is something about the rumble of a purring kitty that just works on a primeval level.

Fizzgig, a Jo'burg cat of regular size and extra fluff, once tried sleeping in my ear...
Oct. 28th, 2003 03:59 am (UTC)
"What was your stance on the wrongfulness of eating plants
o' consumer of ficus?? "

Ficus tastes like crap but random berries are nice ;)
despite my past delinquent behaviour in this area, i think i would have words with anyone I caught eating my plants.

"Fizzgig, a Jo'burg cat of regular size and extra fluff, once tried sleeping in my ear..."

How cute!
i likes fluffy kitties...

Oct. 28th, 2003 04:00 am (UTC)
well that is if i actaully had any plants which succesfully survived being looked after by me.
Oct. 28th, 2003 05:50 am (UTC)
And the kitten is coming from the - if it moves play with it,
if it doesn't move eat it philosophy...

Having a fizzgig in your ear isn't the most pleasant of sensations,
though it's very ticklish, since fizz is fairly cat sized and my ear can accomodate about half a paw
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