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It has been coming to my attention for a while now that the trousers I normally wear are sliding down my hips in an indecent way and that the troosers which were snug are now loose-fitting, so it would appear that I have wedged myself firmly back in the fabled land of UK size 14 clothing.

This pleases me enormously as it suggests that the medication I'm taking for my fucked-up metabolism is actually working.

I am not hell-bent on this - I actually don't mind the way my body looks, it's all right- but I'd like to go down at least one more clothing size. I refuse to diet, or kill myself exercising - but I'm curious to see how much effect a moderate life style change may have.

On the other hand, several members of my family who are never ones to allow rationality to stand in the way of thier thinking, (funnily the very same people who've been telling me I was way too fat since time immemorial) have now got it into their heads that I'm developing some kind of eating disorder (possibly to get back at them) and have begun haranguing me to eat more.

I suppose it is a good thing that I'm easily amused.

And to fill the hole in my life where all my accidents used to be I have managed to slip on some wet leaves and do some damage to my wrist and the muscles of my inner thigh.
However, not being one to allow physical injury to stand in the way of a good time, I'm joining today's Tube Walk

On another note,

This year sparktastic has the most fantastic excuse for skyving NaNoWriMo by being in Australia and New Zealand for the whole month and I for one shall be channelling my jealousy into Art.

So, as for the rest of you - who is with me?
The only sure way to find out seems to flaunt my poll-making capacities.

Poll #366971 NaNoooooooo

Will you be doing NaNo this year?

Yes. I'm addicted.
No, and I shall laugh at your self-imposed tortures!
Still making up my fickle mind.
What is NaNo? Is that like a cult or something?

Do you have a plot?

Yes, it's spiffy and planned and ready.
Yes. Kind of. Sort of. A little.
No. *glares* Want to make something of it?
No. I am above plots.
I make up in shoes what I lack in plot.
My plot is to take over the world.
What's a plot?

My novel will be set in ______ and about _______


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Oct. 16th, 2004 06:20 pm (UTC)
This novel writing lark sounds intriguing. I need that kind of firm structure to do any writing.

Tube Walk was fun. By the way, did I leave my umbrella at yours, somewhere buried under everyone else's stuff? It's small and black and oh, it looks like pretty much every standard cheap umbrella does. No big deal, probably left it on the tube.
Oct. 17th, 2004 07:10 am (UTC)
novel writing lark is surprisingly addictive
Umbrella-wise it could well be here.
I haven't seen it yet, but if i do come across it I'll let you know. :)
Oct. 17th, 2004 07:19 am (UTC)
Re: novel writing lark is surprisingly addictive
Oh, apparently Jo picked it up, so I may not be seeing it for a few weeks now...
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